Gear Review: Ombraz Dolemite sunglasses

What is it?

Ombraz Dolemite sunglasses

What sets it apart?

There is a very clear difference between these sunglasses and every other pair you own — there is a cord instead of the "arms" of the glasses. But don't think they are goggles — the cord hangs loosely behind your ears just like regular glasses but with an ingenious set of beads to tighten and loosen the fit. Ombraz suggests you don't wear them too tight, and they are right. Even a loose fit will keep these on your head better than any sunglasses you've ever owned. 

How do I use it?

My first question, and probably yours, is "why?" Wear them a little while, and you start to get it. They don't fall off. They don't pinch your head, and they are nigh indestructible because there are no hinges to break. They are easy to pack and incredibly light. Pretty great to throw in the side of your tackle bag or hiking daypack. When taking them off to go inside, it's easy to just slip them in your pocket. Try that with your other sunglasses. 

How much?


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Angler's Insight:

My initial thought was they would look strange, but the cord mimics the standard sunglass look. Taking them out for a day of bank fishing really sold me, though. There's a subtle side panel that blocks out light, and since it's 2020 it's worth noting that they did not fog up as much as my regular glasses while wearing a mask. It's very easy to forget you are wearing them, which is probably the highest compliment I can give a good pair of sunglasses. They come in a few styles and different polarized lens colors, and when comparing them to other brands I thought they performed just as well peering into the water. They did not help me catch a fish though. Maybe they can work on that for the next version.