Gear Review: Old Town Predator PDL Angler

What is it?

Old Town Predator PDL Angler

What sets it apart?

The Predator PDL brings boat control to a new level in the world of kayaks. The PDL, or pedal system, allows the user to move at a much higher rate of speed when compared to the paddle method. Not only does the drive system move swiftly forward, it also has instant reverse by simply turning the pedals backwards. The boat features lots of thought-out storage, a comfortable seat and meets all the needs kayak anglers could have.

How do I use it?

Several accessories can be purchased as well including a transducer mounting device that will accommodate several sizes of fishfinders. The rudder system is very easy to use, the boat's body is rugged and designed to withstand the daily abuse an angler or river bottom will dish out. There are plenty of hatches for more storage and ample amenities that make for a comfortable and enjoyable day of fishing.

How much?


More Information:

Old Town Predator PDL

Angler’s insight:

This kayak was designed by anglers for anglers. Spending a day fishing in it is a breeze and a lot of fun, but it doesn't stop there. You don't even have to fish to enjoy time spent in this thing. Its powerful PDL drive and manuverability makes it the kind of kayak anyone can enjoy, even at a leasurely level. It's easy to run, it's stable, it's durable, and let's be honest: It looks great, too. I'd suggest looking into a Predator, you won't be disappointed.