Gear Review: Mustang Traction UV Open Finger Glove

What is it?

Mustang Traction UV Open Finger Glove

What sets it apart?

The folks that make some of the industry’s top PFD’s have proven pretty good at designing hand wear. Functional, efficient and impressively durable, these gloves provide lightweight, breathable protection from harmful UV rays (UPF 50). The polyester Spandex knit prevents any bulky feeling, while keeping your hands cool and protected. The gloves are built with AX Suede G-Series palm overlays (perforated for venting), which help you hold onto wet stuff (fish in the rain much?), while avoiding abrasions. The suede is sewn on with UV treated yarn.

How do I use it?

A good choice for long periods of sun exposure, the Traction UV Open Finger Glove’s cuff extends longer than most. It’ll cover your wristwatch and easily tuck inside jacket or shirt sleeves for seamless protection. Likewise, while most sun gloves stop around your first knuckle, these fingers extend to between your first and second, for even greater coverage. Finger and cuff pull tabs with Silicon grips facilitate the on-off, while pairing snaps keep the gloves together between uses.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

If your standard lightweight sun gloves of fly fishing silk and sturdy, gym-worthy workout gloves reproduced, their offspring would probably boast the attractive blend of style, strength and durability that Mustang has created. Gotta admit, I’ve worn various sun gloves that left me pulling my punches on fishing’s more strenuous moments for fear of snagging and/or ripping what is generally a delicate material. The back of the Traction UV Sun Glove fits that description, but if the sharp, jagged or otherwise harsh stuff comes into contact with that part of your hand, you have bigger problems than glove material. That being said, the reinforced palms and fingers are plenty strong enough to handle a day on the water. In addition to the sun protection, I’ve found that these gloves cut the wind and add a little comfort during the morning’s first run.