Gear Review: Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX Heater System


Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX Heater System


The Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX System consists of the main heating unit — Buddy FLEX Heater — and the optional cooking portion — Buddy FLEX Cooker. The FLEX system brings a new look to the already popular heaters in the lineup. For years anglers and outdoorsman alike have trusted Mr. Heater in the garage, ice shanty, deer stand or wherever their adventure takes them. Now, with the addition of the cooking attachment, you don’t need to sacrifice your heat while you prepare a meal, regardless of where you may be. Added features, capabilities and safety upgrades are all packed into this 11-inch by 15-inch heating unit. 


Rated for both outdoor and indoor use, this heater packs an 11,000 BTU output burner with an added wind barrier and shield for the pilot to keep your fire burning – and lighting every time – even in windy conditions. Whether you are hunting or fishing, the wind is usually a factor, and the peace of mind that your heater will start right up is key. Compatible with the small propane tanks or the larger grill tanks, the heater will run around two hours on high, 3.5 hours on low and much longer on the larger grill tank. Oh, and leave the lighters and matches at home. The Buddy FLEX Heater has an electronic ignition switch that will quickly and quietly light, every time.





Whether you are prepping for a fall, winter or spring tournament — or sitting in your favorite hunting blind or ice shanty — the Buddy FLEX will keep you warm on the go. The heater has an elevated burner to keep it away from water, ice and snow on the ground, and with the addition of the FLEX Cooker, you can literally warm up or cook anywhere. Using the integrated hose, the portable cooker hooks directly to your heater output and provides a safe and easy spot to cook anything, anywhere. The fiber mesh burner is a quick clean system, and it will burn off any residue while maintaining peak performance.