Gear Review: Mister Twister Mag Buzz Worm

What is it?

Mister Twister Mag Buzz Worm

What sets it apart?

There’s no question, big worms are big-fish baits, but Mister Twister has designed one that maintains a relatively slender profile that’s not overpowering for fish that may be in a finicky mood. The rounded tail features a deep notch that creates enticing action on the fall. A segmented body style creates appealing texture, while a substantial egg sack measuring about an inch and a half bulges noticeably off the worm’s seam.

How do I use it?

This big worm is a natural for the summer offshore deal where a heavy Texas rig should make it a productive offering on ledges, deep humps, etc. Got a few brush piles marked? This is a bait you’ll want to pull past the cover. I can also see the Mag Buzz Worm doing a good job on the back of a Carolina rig. Available in 10 colors, the Mag Buzz easily handles worm hooks up to 7/0.

How much?

$5.52 (5)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

I’d rig this worm with a small bullet weight and run it across the tops of hydrilla. That tail commotion should move a few fish, while letting the large profile bait slide into holes in the grass is bound to get it into trouble. Another option: If you need a smaller profile bait, trim the Mag Buzz worm right behind the egg sack and voila — you have a 7-inch worm with oversized tail action.