Gear Review: Missile Baits Baby D Stroyer

What is it?

Missile Baits Baby D Stroyer

What sets it apart?

Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Crews is a thoughtful guy, and it shows when you hear him talk about the D Stroyer and this, its little brother, the Baby D Stroyer. It's a creature bait, made for flipping and Texas rigging, but it's the detail and consideration he adds to all his offerings that make the difference. Even this smaller version has a chunky, ribbed body and two twirly tails that respond to the slightest twitch of your rod. 

How do I use it?

This is definitely a punch and flip bait to most people, but here in central Alabama I found success Texas- and Carolina-rigging it in small waters. It could work great on the back of a vibrating jig as well. It's that perfect size of bait that's at home in almost any size body of water, from a pond all the way to the grass at Guntersville. 

How much?


More Information:

Missile Baits

Angler’s insight:

Despite working at Bassmaster, the ability to catch fish like the pros I work with has not transferred to me by osmosis. But I do take advantage of my opportunity to talk to them about how they do it, and John Crews is someone you can listen to for hours talk about how he designs baits. The big D Stroyer is just really too big for any of the small waterways I fish, but this bite-sized version is perfect. There are plenty of creature baits, and even plenty of baits like this one. But I can promise you that nobody has put more thought into what he sells than Crews. 

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