Gear Review: Livingston Walking Boss II

What is it?

Livingston Walking Boss II

What sets it apart?

There is so much cutting-edge technology jammed into this bait, it's hard to mention it all. It is loaded with the company's renowned Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS) with MultiTouch, which allows the angler to turn on or turn off the sound, depending on the conditions you are faced with.

How do I use it?

To power on the bait, submerge it for 5 seconds, and touch and hold contact points 1 and 2, as displayed on the bait's packaging. Do the same to change sounds to either shad, craw or silent mode. The walking lure can be retrieved at various speeds and works well near all sorts of cover. It comes in 18 tempting colors.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Talk about a bait that comes with options. After years of testing, it's been determined that baitfish do make subsurface sounds that certainly attract predators. This lure now takes your game up a notch by including different options so you can be more efficient when on the water. Just call 'em in.