Gear Review: LiveTarget ICT Twitch Minnow

What is it?

 LiveTarget ICT Twitch Minnow

What sets it apart?

This bait’s uniquely designed to be fished with the flat side up to replicate an injured baitfish, as opposed to the common soft plastic strategy of using action to mimic struggling baitfish. Central to the Twitch Minnow’s appeal is LiveTarget’s exclusive, patent-pending Injected Core Technology (ICT) featuring bio-realistic color patterns within an interior core, which is fully encapsulated and protected by a clear, soft polymer shell.

How do I use it?

Available in 3 3/4-, 4 1/2- and 5 1/4-inch models with six color patterns, the ICT Twitch Minnow delivers a convincing performance at various depths and in different rigging styles throughout the water column. Options include a weighted or unweighted weedless Texas rig, crawling along the bottom on a Carolina rig or stand-up jig, or used as a trailer to elevate a pitching jig. This bait’s a natural for Alabama rigs, but don’t forget the finesse tactics. the ICT Twitch Minnow works well on a dropshot or a Neko rig.

How much?

(3-pack in large size, 4-pack in smaller sizes) $9.99

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

LiveTarget has carved a diverse niche with its wide array of natural looking baits. The Twitch Minnow’s visual appeal and strike-triggering action are made possible by a manufacturing process that creates a robust, durable and ultra-realistic bait with a vibrant metallic flash and a well-balanced design that keeps the bait fishable in the flat side-up posture. Carefully controlling the density of both the interior core and the outer shell during the molding process yields a bait that’s ready for action right out of the package.