Gear Review: LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw

What is it?

LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw

What sets it apart?

It’s a craw bait that looks amazingly close to the real thing. Known for ultra-authentic designs, LiveTarget gave this craw a hollow head and midsection with a set of hollow pinchers that create a snag-resistant profile. An extra strong hook is anchored by the weighted abdomen sculpted to resemble a craw’s tucked-under tail. With the hook eye situated atop this abdomen section, retrieves pull the Hollow Body Craw in a natural reverse orientation. The bait’s pinchers and silicone skirt flare upward to mimic a craw on high alert.

How do I use it?

The Hollow Body Craw’s internal jig head weight attracts fish with it’s tapping, clicking, and clacking sounds. For greater appeal, the body accommodates inserted rattle tubes, as well as scent paste. Sizes 1 1/2-inch (1/2-ounce), 1 3/4-inch (5/8-ounce) and 2-inch (3/4-ounce). Eight color schemes (725 Grey/Brown, 723 Natural/Brown, 144 Brown/Red, 306 Red, 145 Olive/Orange, 146 Green Chartreuse, 147 Mud/Blue, and 148 Junebug/Chartreuse), allow anglers to match regional and molting variations.

How much?

$9.99-$11.49 (Includes one fully assembled body and one spare pincer.)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

So much of what we flip and pitch is intended to mimic the popular freshwater crustaceans, but doing so has typically required pairing bait with weight and hook, or bait with jig. This bait simplifies the operation with a streamlined package that falls and flees with a fish-fooling ruse. Effective for rock/shell bottom, as well as heavy cover, this one should interest largemouth and smallmouth bass.