Gear Review: LiveTarget BaitBall Spinner Rig

What is it?

LiveTarget BaitBall Spinner Rig

What sets it apart?

If a spinnerbait and an Alabama rig had offspring, it would probably resemble LiveTarget’s innovative new multi-wire bait that combines hookless teaser fish on three arms with a target fish armed with a single black nickel hook and tosses in a willow leaf spin blade for good measure. The Spinner Rig’s Interchange System, which includes quick change clips on the upper arms, allows anglers to easily switch teaser and/or target fish to match water color or to alleviate bait fatigue.

How do I use it?

Baitball Spinner Rigs will be sold in three frame sizes (small, medium, large) with two weight options for each frame: Small (1/4- and 3/8-ounce), medium (3/8, 1/2) and large (1/2, 3/4). All eight colors are available for each frame and weight. The BaitBall Spinner Rig was designed to mimic a cluster of baitfish. The combined action of the flickering teaser bodies, the flash of the spinner blade, the roll of the entire rig and the tuned vibration of the target fish present a fish-tempting image.  

How much?

BaitBall Spinner Rig, $13.49 - $15.49

Interchange System $7.99

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

LiveTarget built the BaitBall Spinner Rig so the hookless teaser fish and blade serves as weed guards, of sorts, to allow you to retrieve the rig through/under/across heavy hard cover such as brush piles, deep timber, docks, blow-downs, rip-rap, etc. Matching bait size is a key deal, especially during the fall feeding frenzy; so the ability to quickly adjust profile and/or color to capitalize on an opportunity should prove attractive. Also, I’m thinking anglers will find ways of tinkering with frame size and teasers to upsize/downsize for particular strategies.