Gear Review: Lithium Pros Power Pack

What is it?

Lithium Pros M3165-36 Lithium Powerpack

What sets it apart?

If you've ever opened up the back of someone's boat with a trolling motor, you know that it's basically all batteries back there. Lithium Pros has replaced three of the 12-volt trolling motor batteries with this single, 36-volt piece of magic. It only weighs 40 pounds, and it will power your Ultrex all day. 

How do I use it?

Just like you would any other trolling motor battery, but give the old ones to your pal because you only need one of these. It will fit in a standard battery tray (but it is 2 inches taller), and it will make your boat a couple hundred pounds lighter. That's right, Lithium Pros says this will remove 189 pounds of weight from the back of your boat.  

How much?


More Information:

Lithium Pros

Angler's Insight:

If you have invested in a 36V trolling motor, then you know that powering it is an investment too. There's no doubt there's a high cost associated with this battery, but the benefits of one fifth the weight and a much smaller footprint make this a solid addition. Less points of failure, less weight, less complication. That's what your paying for. More time fishing and more reliability. 

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