Gear Review: Lew's Carbon Fire casting and spinning rods

What is it?

Lew's Carbon Fire casting and spinning rods— EXCLUSIVE

What does it do?

These rods create the perfect marriage for Lew's Carbon Fire baitcasters and spinning reels.

What sets it apart?

Constructed from an IM8 graphite blank featuring Carbon Nano Tube technology, Lew’s Carbon Fire casting and spinning rods have the durability and strength that dedicated anglers require. The Carbon Fire is quality from top to bottom, outfitted with superior stainless steel guides and a Lew’s exclusive SoftTouch skeletal reel seat. At the end of the rod are Winn grips, ensuring a comfortable fishing experience for the angler.

How much?

Both styles $79.99

More Information:

Spinning Rod

Casting Rod

Editor insight:

Price point is important to every angler out there, but not at the risk of sacrificing quality. Lew's has the perfect matches for the Carbon Fire Speed Spool baitcaster and Carbon Fire SK spinning reel. The spinning rods come in two models, and the casting rods are available in three creating a line of combos that every angler will find a valuable place for. You can't go wrong with these rods or the reels. Plus, they look great!