Gear Review: Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait

What is it?

Jackall Firecracker Buzzbait

What sets it apart?

Buzzbaits don’t do “subtle,” but Jackall’s new design cranks up the volume with a dual prop design that produces a cracking sound and strong shock waves. When retrieved, the Firecracker’s upper prop spins clockwise, while the small screw propeller turns counterclockwise. This positioning causes the props to impact one another and generate that enticing sound and vibration. The benefit to such racket and ruckus is the ability to not only stimulate local fish, but also to call in those from afar.

How do I use it?

The Firecracker is made with sturdy 1.4-mm diameter wire that can withstand multiple big-bass encounters and allows anglers to use braided lines with no worry of damaging or contorting the buzzbait. The bait’s head sports a keeled bass boat shape that bounces off cover well and helps achieve quick planing. For lip gripping, the Firecracker includes a premium Owner Cutting Point hook and a premium hand-tied skirt. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes, the Firecracker comes in six colors.

How much?


More Information:

Jackall Firecracker

Angler’s insight:

I can see this being an effective prespawn search bait when fish are staging on outside grass edges. Later, during the shad spawn, tracing a dock edge or buzzing along a southern hay grass line would be a good bet for blow-ups. Fall? Yeah, I can’t imagine any self-respecting, shad-obsessed bass ignoring such commotion. I’d think that tinkering with the two blades would allow for a range of sound and pressure.