Gear Review: Jackall Cover Craw

What is it?

Jackall Cover Craw

What sets it apart?

The unique swimming action combined with how little action is required to make all the bait's appendages move makes this craw-shaped soft plastic a solid all-around pick for Texas rigging, punching and beyond. It's salt injected and live-fish scented making it irresistible to hungry bass.

How do I use it?

This lure makes a fine Texas or Carolina rig, or a punch trailer, but some anglers like it as a buzzbait or jig trailer as well. Pitch it to overhanging brush and docks, or swim it through brush piles and blowdowns or along rock jetties and sunken islands. This highly versatile bait will work just about anywhere.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

There are a lot of craw immitations out there, and most of them work as expected. The Jackall Cover Craw is no exception and will earn a valuabe spot in your extensive arsenal by putting fish in the boat all year long. Another quailty rigging option is to rig weightless and work it very slow around vegetation edges and lilly pads. Hang on, it'll get hammered.