Gear Review: GoPro Fusion

What is it?

GoPro Fusion

What sets it apart?

The new GoPro Fusion brings 360 and virtual reality viewing to a new hand-held level. The camera comes standard with all the same great features GoPro is renowned for including voice control, mobile device app connection and control, highly versatile with an array of mounts, it's waterproof and now it won't miss anything.

How do I use it?

The two off-set lenses provide an optimally stiched sperical image that provides an incredible perspective. The gimble-like stabilization is built right into the camera making the videos fun and comfortable to watch. With Fusion you can achieve stunning visual affects such as Angel View, Little Planet, PanoFlow and TimeShift. Simply cutting edge technology that fits in the palm of your hand.

How much?


More Information:

GoPro Fusion

Angler’s insight:

Capture everything at every moment with the Fusion. This thing provides the ultimate perspective in stunning 5.2K through two lenses that see it all. It's waterproof, it's mountable, it connects to the GoPro app, voice control and so much more that makes GoPro a necessary tool to effectively and creatively catpture your fishing experiences. Game changer.