Gear Review: Gerber Magniplier

What is it?

Gerber Magniplier

What sets it apart?

Pliers grip stuff, right? Well, Gerber takes that concept up a few notches with a solid tool that blends lightweight comfort and well-planned design with an ergonomic control system called BearHand Control, which optimizes the Magniplier for swift power. With just the right amount of space between handles and a finger choil that mimics a trigger grip, this plier features an off-axis shape, which maintains your line of sight in tight reaches.

How do I use it?

This durable product is hot-forged to allow the metal to be manipulated into the ergonomic design that gives the pliers unrivaled strength. The Magniplier’s thumb lock and ambidextrous tether points help ensure security between uses, while the spring-loaded handles lessens hand fatigue. The design features exchangeable jaw tips with outboard fasteners, exchangeable/reversible carbide cutters for snipping a variety of line sizes and a nylon sheath with D-ring and belt loop.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

An impressive design all around, but I’m most impressed with the line of sight benefit derived from the offset design. How many times have awkward and inconvenient reaches caused us to alter our grip on the pliers and thereby diminish both power and grip security? That seems less likely to happen with the Magniplier, as you should be able to stare down that top edge like sighting a rifle. Removing deep hooks will be easier.