Gear Review: Gerber Defender Tether

What is it?

Gerber Defender Tether

What sets it apart?

Gerber designed its Defender Tether for control — optimizing elements so precious in tournament fishing’s time-sensitive environment. Both the large and compact versions feature a tip control carabiner with a split ring for the tool of your choice. A large finger hole at the base of the carabiner allows for easy reach and line extension, while absorbing the line tension for easy use of the tethered tool. A slip lock holds the carabiner in place when not in use.

How do I use it?

The large size Defender Tether features a 48-inch Dyneema cable; 36 for the compact. Both are protected by an override lock-out system. A wide-body, flexible retention clip secures to belts or waders, as well as the straps of lumbar packs or backpacks. The compact model offers an additional mounting option — a threaded pin that can attach to your shirt, jacket, etc. The Defender Tether’s body is made of anodized aluminum (flat sage color). The carabiner is anodized aluminum, orange.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Keeping commonly used tools at close reach presents a constant challenge. If you spend even a handful of seconds reaching for those braid cutters, hook file or jig buster, you could miss a key moment. Sticking tools in pockets works, but I like how Gerber eliminated that final step of returning a tool to its home after each use. Just drop it and the line zips back into place. I’m thinking this tool is going to prevent a lot of oops moments and lake donations.