Gear Review: Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Worm

What is it?

Gamakatsu Swivel Shot Worm

What sets it apart?

Gamakatsu expanded its G-Finesse Swivel Shot line, previously offered with octopus and drop shot hook options, by adding a worm hook configuration. By placing a straight shank, light wire hook on the stem of its popular terminal tackle rig, flanked top and bottom by a swivel and line clip, Gamakatsu creates the first weedless drop shot system that eliminates line twist, while removing access boundaries. Essentially, this rig gives anglers a way to effectively fish a drop shot in places where drop shots rarely go.

How do I use it?

Gamakatsu didn’t skimp on its hook choice. Made of ultra-thin Tournament Grade Wire (Gamakatsu describes this as 20 percent smaller than standard wire), the rig’s worm hook features a proprietary Nano Smooth Coat that helps the point penetrate with less force and greater durability, while maintaining sharpness through extensive use. The hook’s keeper is made of tin, so it adds minimal weight to the overall package. The Swivel Shot Worm Hook rig is available in sizes 1, 1/0 and 2/0.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

I’m liking this rig for that beefed-up version of the drop shot technique we call power shotting. Maybe the fish are in wood or heavy vegetation; no matter, just slide a big profile worm on the hook and let ‘er fly. On the flipside, the worm hook’s thin diameter offers the flexibility of threading it into a skinny finesse worm. Another helpful feature is the Easy-Change Weight System that holds your weight leader with a tension clip. Adjusting lengths and weights is easy, and if you snag the weight, you can usually pull the rest of the rig free.