Gear Review: Gamakatsu G-Power Stinger Trailer Hook

What is it?

Gamakatsu G-Power Stinger Trailer Hook

What sets it apart?

When the situation requires a trailer hook, the terminal tackle pros at Gamakatsu suggest you bid farewell to the old-school image of big, bulky trailer hooks. Their answer — the G-Power Stinger Trailer Hook. Based on Gamakatsu's B10S series of fly hooks, this trailer features a strategically designed eye angle that allows it to run right through the water column for a life-like presentation and more hookups. For maximum efficiency, Gamakatsu pairs this hook with a silicone stopper that keeps it from sliding up to the barb of the main hook.

How do I use it?

Available in sizes 2, 1 and 1/0, the G-Power Stinger Trailer is made with Gamakatsu’s exclusive TGW (Tournament Grade Wire), a thinner, stronger and sharper wire that yields easier hook penetration without any loss of hook strength. Gamakatsu’s proprietary Nano Smooth Coating provides a stealth color and smoother surface for optimal hook penetration, while the compact profile and sproat bend keeps promotes hook-up retention.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

A spinnerbait is a flat-out fish catcher with incredibly broad application. The downside is that some of the applicability occurs when fish are in a less-than-committed mood. Could be a weather thing, could be a current thing; or they might just be full of fall shad and swatting at a bait out of gluttonous instinct. Territorial aggression also causes a lot of half-intended bites. Whatever the reason, a sharp, sturdy trailer hook that holds its effective position will help you snare any fish that takes a shot at the bait.

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