Gear Review: FPV-Power 17.5 Ah waterproof lithium battery

What is it?

FPV-Power 17.5 Ah waterproof lithium battery

What sets it apart?

Adequately powering your fishing kayak has traditionally been a challenge. Not any more. Standard wet acid batteries that might be used in a Robo Duck decoy or deer feeder will work for kayaking, but they don't last very long when meant to power Humminbird or Lowrance fishfinders rigged on kayaks. In fact, you might get a couple of hours before it needs charging, and that's it. Marnier-Sails and FPV-Power have addressed the issue and solved the problem altogether. The benefit to a lithium battery is extended life, but it also kicks out full power until the battery is fully drained. In other words, there's no progressive, slow death. Plus, they're fully waterproof and very easy to install and use.

How do I use it?

The battery comes with a wiring pigtail to rig to your specific fishfinder, a simple 110v charger and waterproof connections that are extremely easy to assemble. They made this thing so simple it's hard to consider other options. Additional accessories are available such as extension cords, double pigtails, and even components to set up a parallel system that can double amp hours (Ah) for extended power — talk about convenient. Mariner-Sails has an extensive line of FPV-Power batteries and accessories to fully furnish any kayak.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

There's nothing more aggravating than running out of juice only an hour or two into your fishing trip. Not to mention it's dangerous to stand up and attempt to swap out batteries from a kayak while on the water. The convenience and simplicity alone make these batteries worth the investment, but the dependability and application will impress you. I love it when a company looks an accepted problem and develops a way to overcome it. This is a solution.