Gear Review: Flambeau ZERUST MAX Crank Bank

What is it?

Flambeau ZERUST MAX Crank Bank

What sets it apart?

Flambeau has expanded their ZERUST storage line to include a box designed specifically for hard bait plugs. Gone are the days of spending precious time untangling treble hooks just to get one specific bait from your box. The Crank Bank allows you to grab the cup you want, dump it out and go. An industry standard 5000 series size will fit perfectly within tackle bags and boat compartments. The Crank Bank is lined with Flambeau’s ZERUST Max Tuff Tainer coating which releases a vapor that adheres to metal surfaces protecting it from corrosion. 

How do I use it?

Pick your favorite baits for the time of year and head to the lake. The 2-inch by 1-inch by 6.4-inch cups can be moved and organized anytime and anywhere within the box. The cups are snag proof and are sized to fit most plugs, topwater, crankbaits, jerbaits, etc. Flambeau claims they are big enough for round bill divers up to 15-feet, but they will hold larger plugs if necessary. The waterproof silicon gasket around the top helps to prevent any water from entering to keep your gear rust free. The cups have small holes in the bottom so no worries when putting baits away wet – they will drain.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Digging through a box of baits with multiple treble hooks looking for an exact lure takes time, and when the school of fish is fired up, time is money. Although it works well with hard baits, it will indeed work with swimbaits, frogs or anything else needed on the go. Flambeau has also allowed the ability to remove a portion of the cups to create a bulk storage section within the box by supporting each cup individually. If you remove some, the others will remain in place. The flexibility of storage options and reduction of all things tangled mess makes this box a must have in any tackle bag.