Gear Review: Flambeau “Ike” IQ Tackle Storage

What is it?

Flambeau “Ike” IQ Tackle Storage

What sets it apart?

Morphing the phrase Intelligence Quotient (IQ) into “IKE” Quotient, Flambeau draws upon Mike Iaconelli’s hyper-organized nature to give anglers complete control over tacklebox layout. Sturdy frames with heavy-duty, built-in handles house interchangeable compartment tray cups that anglers can quickly reconfigure to suit particular needs — and easily swap from one box to the next. Easily adjust the content mix for specific fisheries or remove some or all of the cups for bulk storage (pliers, line spools, etc.).

How do I use it?

Molded guides on the lid and base keep tray cups in place, while the lid remains open at an angle during use. Flambeau infuses each of these stackable tackle boxes with its exclusive Zerust technology. Molded directly into the blue plastic dividers, this patented VCI technology emits an odorless, harmless vapor that clings to clean metal surfaces within an enclosed area to lock out moisture and prevent oxidation. The “IKE” IQ series includes small, large and large-deep sizes.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

How many times have those tray dividers slipped just enough to allow hooks, swivels or split rings to encroach on adjacent sections? How often have you longed for just a little more or a little less space in certain areas? Solving these dilemmas is cool enough, but I like the ability to remove the compartments and pour/shake out the contents. Sometimes, hurried reaches yield poked fingers. And a lid that remains open — that’s gonna moderate some blood pressure issues.