Gear Review: Enigma Atomic 29 Cranking Series

What is it?

Enigma Fishing Atomic 29 Cranking series rods

What sets it apart?

Although the recent trend has been toward longer rods, you can’t ignore the precision of a shorter rod when picking apart cover. That’s why Enigma designed nine different actions with just the right blend of power and flex to handle any situation that serious hardbait anglers may encounter. The company’s proprietary Glass/composite blank technology gives anglers even greater casting distance and line control capabilities. Premium full cork grips balance out each rod perfectly.

How do I use it?

The right rod for the right horizontal presentation is critical. Enigma met that demand by building nine different rods in the category to match whatever the bass require. The rod selection measures 7 feet from 8 feet.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

The Atomic rod line is a well-thought-out series that puts maximum control of assorted bait size and styles in the angler's hands. Accurate casting is critical, but so is sensitivity and forgiveness - this rod family produces just that. Plus they are highly affordable, and come with a $40 Original Owners Lifetime Warranty, in other words you're covered.