Gear Review: Dyesafe Containment System

What is it?

Dyesafe Containment System

What sets it apart?

This is the ultimate protection in using dye for soft plastic fishing baits while on the water. This compact storable unit holds your dye and provides a safe and convenient place to dye your soft plastics.

How do I use it?

Simply place the tray on the deck of your boat, open up the lid and select your desired dye color and dip away. The way the internal foam is built, you can place an open bottle of the dye inside at an upright position and work on your plastics with confidence knowing the dye won't spill. 

How much?


More Information:

Angler’s insight:

I can't tell you the number of substances or chemicals I've spilled on the carpet of my bass boat. It's frustrating as the messes almost always leave a stain. Especially using scented bait dyes. Talk about a mess. The Dyesafe eliminated any chance of a spill with this simple yet innovative tackle tray that stores and holds your open dyes upright without the chance of spilling. Bassmaster Elite Series veteran Mark Menendez is a fanatic about dyeing his baits to match seasonal patterns, and he deeply believes in this product.