Gear Review: Daiwa Tatula LT

What is it?

Daiwa Tatula LT spinning reel

What sets it apart?

These new reels reflect the sophisticated engineering and design that has vaulted spinning reels on to the center stage of the bass fishing world. The Zaion Body is composed of a “high density” carbon strain material that is lighter and stronger than conventional construct material. This Tatula LT reel is one of the lightest spinning reels on the market. The state of the art Air Rotor design is 15 percent lighter, yet stronger by dispersing the pressure evenly over the part.

How do I use it?

The seven-ball bearing system allows the parts to move effortlessly. A 6.2:1 gear ratio will move your presentations at speeds neccessary in today’s bass fishing game. It's sized 1000 to 4000.

How much?


More Information:

Daiwa Tatula LT

Angler’s insight:

Outstanding Daiwa quality is something the company is known for, and this reel is no exception. Bass fishing has become far more accepting of the spinning rod and reel, and the time to keep yourself armed with the right combo for the technique you're fishing is here to stay. The Tatula LT won't let you down, it's a smooth operator.