Gear Review: Daiwa Kage Spinning Reel

What is it?

Daiwa Kage LT MQ

What sets it apart?

Pronounced “kah-gay,” Daiwa’s new Kage LT MQ spinning reel features a one-piece MONOCOQUE Zaion body, which allows more space for a larger main gear and pinion gear and promotes greater torque and power at common gear ratios. Lighter and tougher than magnesium, ZAION is a high-density carbon with anti-corrosion properties that help create a reel that performs dependably and with all-day comfort. Using a magnetic bushing and a magnetic weld to create an airtight and watertight oil seal, Daiwa’s proprietary Magsealing ensures long life, even in coastal environments.

How do I use it?

Daiwa further reduces reel weight by using a tubular air bail that’s more rigid than standard wire and eliminating screw holes, which require metal or plastic fortification. Inside, Daiwa ensures precise alignment with less binding and wear by holding the gearing with 360 degrees of stability. Other design features include precision machined and digitally cut A7075 aircraft grade aluminum gears, advanced tournament drag, cork style handle knob and machined aluminum screw in direct drive handle.

How much?

$329.99 to $359.99

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Angler’s insight:

Coastal anglers from the Florida Everglades to the Mississippi Delta know that consecutive casts to the same piece of cover could yield a largemouth bass and a redfish. This presents the need for tackle sturdy enough to handle either customer and the strength and corrosion resistance built into Daiwa’s new Kage LT MQ seems fit for the task.

Worth a note: In an age where mom-and-pops struggle to compete with large online retailers, Daiwa addresses a vital link in its consumer engagement chain by creating a dealer-driven reel series focused on independent brick-and-mortar shops