Gear Review: Culprit Water Dragon

What is it?

Culprit Water Dragon

What sets it apart?

There are several well-conceived details on this 7-inch bait, but I particularly like the lateral line that can be easily adapted with a marker-style pen for enhanced color appeal. Maybe a contrasting accent, perhaps a prominent red blood line, or even alternating dark/light colors for more eye-catching display. Also, the head includes gills and gill filaments for extra gliding action on Carolina rigs, while lots of body contour reflects light to break up the profile.

How do I use it?

The rear legs were made larger than the front for more action, particularly when a Texas-rigged presentation sends the Water Dragon into a nose-down posture. More weight in the rear half allows greater casting and pitching accuracy, while providing additional flotation for Carolina and Texas rigs. Raised ribs accommodate Texposing and a large flat spot on the tail moves water with and enticing wave. The Water Dragon is available in eight colors.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

As a staunch proponent of the Carolina rig, I see this dragon doing more damage than the one Daeneras Targaryen rides in Game of Thrones. The Water Dragon’s built for maximum motion, so whether you’re trying to locate ledge fish, or dial in the prespawners, this dragon’s made for draggin. (Couldn’t resist.) I can also see this dude getting the side eye from an irritated bed fish, while flipping the Water Dragon into lily pad gaps outta be straight-up hammer time.