Gear Review: Costa Performance Frame

What is it?

Costa Performance Frame

What sets it apart?

Costa’s water-inspired creativity has spawned a quartet of new frame styles. Named for the powerful and majestic swordfish, the Broadbill features a sculpted large wrap and nonslip vented nose pads. Channeling Costa Rican fishing heritage, the Tico sports a sculpted large wrap, while the the Spearo honors spear-fisherman with a sleek, stylish design. Both include vented nonslip nose pads Costa’s integral hinge and CAM system for smooth and assisted temple action.

How do I use it?

Made of lightweight, sturdy bio-resin, each new frame includes retainer-ready temple tips. All styles are paired with Costa’s patented color-enhancing 580 lens technology in both Lightwave glass and impact-resistant polycarbonate. Reducing glare and eye fatigue, Costa lenses provide 100 percent UV protection and polarization and selectively filters out harsh yellow light for superior contrast and definition while absorbing high-energy blue light to cut haze and enhance sharpness.

How much?

$189 to $269

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Costa does well to serve all anglers with several styles boasting unisex appeal. However, it’s cool to see the Performance line including the WaterWoman style that my wife would appreciate. This style features angled temples and seamlessly integrated Hydrolite accents with four new frame colors – matte shadow tortoise, shiny palm tortoise, shiny wahoo and shiny blond crystal. Clear vision is essential to success on the water, but Costa also helps you look good and feel comfortable doing so.