Gear Review: The Butt Dial

What is it?

The Butt Dial

What sets it apart?

The Butt Dial creates a practical solution for solving the age-old problem of keeping track of fishing line sizes and styles on multiple rods and reels. It eliminates the need to apply adhesive tape labeled with handwritten numbers to the rod handle. The Butt Dial simply slips over the end of the rod handle. Each Dial has four settings for line styles: Fluorocarbon, braid, monofilament and copolymer. The dial also has settings for 18 sizes of line, from 4- to 80-pound test. Made to fit rod handles that are 1-inch diameter or larger. A smaller version is in the works. 

How do I use it?

Attach the Butt Dial to the end of the rod handle. Adjust the dial setting to the line size and type, and that’s it. See what you spooled on each reel by simply looking at the settings on the Butt Dial.

How much?

Prices begin at $24.95 for two Butt Dials. Prices go down as you order more. 

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Fluorocarbon. Braid. Monofilament. Copolymer. You need them all to effectively maximize lure presentation and action in this world of specialized fishing techniques. If your rod storage contains a dozen or more rods, the Butt Dial can make it easier — and faster — to see what type and line you have spooled on the outfits.