Gear Review: BUBBA 6-inch and 12-inch Hook Extractor

What is it?

BUBBA 6-inch and 12-inch Hook Extractor

What sets it apart?

BUBBA is committed to producing high-quality tools for anglers, designed by anglers. Part of their spring announcement for new products is the 6-inch and 12-inch hook extractors. Every BUBBA product is designed to perform at the highest quality while being super functional. For both salt and freshwater, the new hook extractors are no exception.

How do I use it?

Nobody likes to struggle to remove a deep hooked fish, and sometimes pliers just don't cover it. Not only does the extractor get deep hooks out, it does so while putting less stress and little harm to the fish. Designed to be extremely resistant to corrosion, the titanium-nitride coating protects the alumnium shaft and stainless hook from ever rusting. Featuring the recognizable BUBBA red handle, the non-slip grip will give the user full control even when wet. It can be used with one hand which gives you the second hand to control the fish.

How much?


More Information:

Angler's Insight:

Whether you are fishing for pan fish, bass or on the ocean for saltwater species, a hook extractor is always something that can be utilized. You can trust the Bubba products to last as they are built with the best available materials available and designed by anglers. With a 6-inch and 12-inch version available, there is no fish too small or too big, and it will fit right where other tools are stored for quick access.

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