Gear Review: Brella 1010Z

What is it?

Brella 1010Z

What sets it apart?

Brella Brella introduces the first customizable non-restrictive, packable rain jacket featuring a waterproof and breathable design. Covering your arms without full sleeves, this garment optimizes your range of motion. Quickly slipping into and out of lightweight rain gear should prove helpful to all anglers, but particularly for the space- and movement-conscious kayaker. Also key to this open design is that it reduces heat buildup by venting through the bottom, sides and around the head area.

How do I use it?

Adjustability is a key element for this jacket, as waist and sleeve snaps, along with a full-length zipper allow for multiple fit levels. Also, the hood adjusts with hook-and-loop attachments to open up peripheral vision. At just 12 ounces, the Brella 1010Z suits warm season needs without the heat and shoulder/neck fatigue of heavier jackets. Between uses, it rolls into its hood for storage in a tackle bag, console glove box, backpack or kayak hatch.

How much?

$89 (Available spring 2019)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

This product is more than a poncho, although its loose-fitting form and wide range of motion will remind you of such — just a souped up version. I like the easily packable form, the insightful attention to zippered pockets and the breathability. The latter is one of the most consistent issues with outerwear — the venting of warm, moist air. The Brella’s design allows quick on-off mobility for those days when teasing rain showers necessitate frequent wardrobe changes.