Gear Review: Big Frig Badlands Cooler

What is it?

Big Frig Badlands Cooler

What sets it apart?

The Big Frig Badlands Cooler comes packed full of features for an affordable price. It is a roto-molded cooler which means it will withstand abuse. It is a hard, durable cooler resistant to UV rays and breaking/scratching even when dropped or kicked around. The lid is just as rugged as the body which ensures that ice stays longer. The rubber seal maintains a solid seal, and the rubber latches are firm and take some effort to open. There is no need to worry about the lid popping open on the boat or while in the back of the pickup. The lid will stay open at almost any angle giving you both hands free to search for your favorite beverage. Choose from four different colors – white, sand, red/white, desert camo – and head to the lake.

How do I use it?

Load the Badlands cooler with ice and beverages and take it anywhere. The easy-to-carry padded handle is comfortable and will not hurt your hand when it's loaded up. It is lockable with molded-in tie-downs built in that fit standard padlocks. The tie-downs also double as bottle openers. Available in five different sizes – 10 QT, 20 QT, 45 QT, 70 QT, and 75 QT – there is a size for every possible application. Each cooler is fully customizable by Big Frig, for a fee obviously, and is popular as a company gift when ordering multiples. Or choose one and make it your own. With a cooler that will simply hold ice longer – five-plus days – it takes less effort to keep your items cool in any weather. 

How much?

$129.99/10 Quart - 374.99/70 Quart

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

Although most boats have some sort of a cooler, there always seems to be a time when its simply not big enough. When several bags of ice are needed to keep livewells at the proper temperature, there is no room for food and drinks. Having a Big Frig Badlands Cooler on board will solve all those problems, and the smaller models will even fit nicely under the console or in a rod locker as needed. Each one comes molded with a ruler on top for quick reference on fish length. Another feature that is often unnoticed is the air release button on the side. Quickly push the button to add air to the cooler which makes opening the lid effortless. Each cooler comes with a cutting board/divider and a dry goods basket, perfect for quickly filleting your catch on-site.