Gear Review: Big Bite Baits B.F.E.

What is it?

Big Bite Baits B.F.E.

What sets it apart?

Well for starters, the name, which stands for Best Flipper Ever. This is obviously a flipping bait, designed by Opens angler Bradley Hallman to be his go-to bait for his favorite technique. Hallman says the design is intended to be subtle — not a lot of flapping everywhere. The inspiration comes from a varitey of other baits — beaver, Senko and tube. Put them all together and this is the result. 

How do I use it?

The obvious answer is flipping. He did name it that, after all. Other applications can be Texas-rigged through grass, and pretty much any application where you use a creature bait such as a trailer for a vibrating jig. The bait does not have too wide of a profile compared to some similar creature baits, so it's likely this could slip through some cover a little easier. The tube-shaped body has a hook channel ready for a straight shank or EWG hook. 

How much?


More Information:

Big Bite Baits

Angler’s insight:

Listen to Hallman talk about flipping for at least 10 minutes and you'll probably rush out and buy a few packs of these. He is one of those people that flips everywhere he goes, even when other people aren't, and it usually works out for him. There are a lot of baits like the B.F.E. for sure, but having one with some DNA from a passionate, successful angler gives me a reason to give it a shot. It doesn't hurt that it's affordable. 

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