Gear Review: Berkley PowerBait Water Bug

What is it?

Berkley PowerBait Water Bug

What sets it apart?

Designed by pro angler Michael Iaconelli, the Berkley PowerBait Water Bug is made for all bass anglers to catch more fish. Available in 12 different Berkley tried-and-tested colors, there is a Water Bug color to meet all your finesse bait needs, anywhere in the country. Choose from two different finesse sizes – 3.3-inch and 4-inch – tie one on, and head to the lake. Each bag contains 10 baits that will get you through a successful day on the water.

How do I use it?

The PowerBait Water Bug excels on a drop-shot rig but is versatile enough to be used in many other ways. Rig the 3.3-inch bait on a Ned rig or try your luck using the 4-inch bait on a Carolina rig. It features small arms in the Powerbait soft bait material that quivers even while dead sticked. There is a scooped tail design that catches and moves more water while the bait provides a wave action while lifted or drop

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

Berkley's PowerBait scent and flavor technology is tested and proven to catch more fish. Combine that with the sleekly finesse design of the Water Bug and you have a bait that will get bites when nothing else will. A bait that can be fished many ways – drop shot, Ned rig, Texas rig or a finesse Carolina rig – it is certainly a bait you want to have in your tackle bag.