Gear Review: Bass Mafia Money Bag

What is it?

Bass Mafia Money Bag

What sets it apart?

Bass Mafia has taken the same concept anglers have used to keep their sandwiches and snacks fresh and dry, increased the size and strengthened the structural integrity and sealing mechanism. The Money Bag offers a handy way to keep several packages of soft plastic baits, terminal tackle or wire baits in a dry and secure container that stacks, fits and folds pretty much wherever you need to put it. Sunglasses, wallets, cellphones, spare shirt or towel — all are welcome in this super-tough waterproof bag.

How do I use it?

Bass Mafia says its new Money Bag is made of a space age material 12 times stronger than PVC. The material is said to be completely unaffected by temperature and as pliable as a cotton t-shirt. With a 2.5-gallon capacity, the Money Bag is double sealed by an interior zip lock style enclosure that is topped off by a neoprene waterproof zipper. Fitting into most medium or larger tackle bags and boat storage boxes, the Money Bag also offers a handy option for packing a few items for an impromptu trip to the dock or lakeside.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

How many times have we frantically searched through bags or boxes stuffed with loose items we couldn’t identify without grabbing each one? Ever drop a cardboard box or plastic bin full of plastics? Bye-bye organization. You still have to be smart and disciplined with your tackle selection, but the Money Bag’s a good starting point. My advice: Don’t jam the Money Bag so full you can’t move the packages within their container. One the key benefits is visual identification, so leave yourself a little space to quickly peruse each bag to confirm that what you want is inside.