Gear Review: B-Fish-N Tackle MasterFlash

What is it?

B-Fish-N Tackle MasterFlash

What sets it apart?

Built around B-Fish-N Tackle’s glitter finish H2O Precision jighead, the MasterFlash Jig adds a blast of flash and scale-suggestive sparkle, dressed with fine, holographic strands of premium 1/69-inch tinsel. The bait moves with abundant action, color and enough profile to trigger strikes by itself, but can be amplified with a soft plastic or live bait threaded onto the jig shank.

How do I use it?

Like most jigs — but with way more bling factor — the MasterFlash is a versatile, fish-catching machine. Anglers can fish the MasterFlash Jig “as is,” or combine with any host plastic softbait or live/dead bait. Combine it with a B FISH N Pulse-R to make a lethal swim jig, or impale a shiner or sucker minnow for long-line and pop-jigging scenarios.

How much?


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Angler’s insight:

If you're looking for something different that brings realism and flashy attractiveness, the MasterFlash is the bait for you. In a day and age when traditional rubber-skirted jigs are the norm, mixing up your arsenal with one of these things will yield more bites. A leg up on your competition is easy for $2.99.