Gear Review: 6th Sense Catwalk

What is it?

6th Sense Catwalk

What sets it apart?

6th Sense has quite a few topwater baits, but this one features a V-shaped hull specifically designed not to blow out during its walk-the-dog motion. This bait has a beautiful wounded bluegill paintjob. It just screams, "Ambush me!" when skittering across the top of shallow grass or through the back of a pocket where bass are feeding heavily during the fall. 6th Sense has a variety of colors, and the baits have extremely sharp, dark hooks that will find their target. 

How do I use it?

Topwater baits such as this require that familiar twitch of your rod to make them "walk" back and forth. Fortunately, this bait is designed to aid you in that. A mere twitch and it zigs and zags at your command. You may be wondering why bother with all this, but once you get your first topwater bite, you'll understand. The violent explosion of a bass around this bait will hook you on it for life. 

How much?


More Information:

6th Sense

Angler’s insight:

There are quite a few topwater baits out there, and it comes down to one that you can trust for quality and reliability. The unique hull shape and excellent graphics only go so far. It's getting it out there and having it walk for you. This is an "easy walking" bait that makes the process almost effortless. 

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