Gear Review: 13 Fishing Wobble Craw

What is it?

13 Fishing Wobble Craw 4.25-inch

What sets it apart?

The Wobble Craw’s tantalizing appendages, with rabbit ear tail design, give off erratic action that fish have a hard time resisting. The claws and body of this bait move a ton of water and thump with the slightest movement. The buoyancy of the plastic makes the crayfish claws stand in the defensive position whenever you stop moving it. The real kicker is 13 fishing Donkey Sauce which provides that extra flavor that will make your kicker fish hold on longer.

How do I use it?

This craw will excel in many techniques. The most obvious use is to simply rig up a Texas rig and pitch it around cover as a weedless presentation. When the fish want a bigger meal, feed it onto the back of your favorite heavy jig to target heavy cover. When covering water is the goal, pair it with a swim jig to provide a fast-moving reaction style bait that will get extra bites when the going gets tough. It is not designed for just casting gear; the Wobble Craw makes a good looking Ned rig or shaky head.  

How much?

$5.99/five pack

More Information

Angler’s insight:

This bait is available in five different craw colors to perfectly match the craws in your favorite lake all year long. The color schemes match up with other baitfish forage if you choose to use it on a swim jig or on a swimbait head. The fact that every appendage on this bait flaps even with subtle movement is a huge benefit when you want a natural-looking bait. And, to top it all off, the materials used are sourced in the U.S. so can count on a top-notch product.