Gear Review: 10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad

What is it?

10,000 Fish Shimmer Shad

What sets it apart?

If the bite is tough and slow, during any time of the year, it may be a good idea to try a drop shot. There are tons of drop-shot baits out there, but even upon first glance at the aptly-named Shimmer Shad we knew that it was worth testing. Half the bait is a life-like imiation of baitfish, and then there it appears that there is some buried foil visible through clear plastic. It doesn't take much imagination to think that when this is floating on a drop-shot rig a small glint of reflected sunlight would drive a bass wild.

How do I use it?

Drop shots rely on separating the weight from the bait and hook. It allows baits such as this to suspend from the bottom. Many anglers will tell you when the fish won't bite to try a drop shot. This bait adds in the flash and realistic presentation that can only help those sluggish bass to try your lunch menu. Drop shots require a small hook, light line and typically a spinning reel. 

How much?

$5.29 (6 per pack)

More Information:

Angler’s insight:

It's not often a bait comes through here and editors stop and say, "Ooh!" That actually happened with the Shimmer Shad. There's a ton of drop shot or finesse baits out there with the profile similar to this lure, but the foil inside the clear part of the bait is quite impressive and looks like the perfect imitation of the flash you see when a school of shad swim by. The bait also crinkles when squeezed. I don't know if it helps catch fish, but it's such a different, smart approach to this style bait that it begs you to get out there and try it. 

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