Costa's Double Haul

What is it?

One of Costa Del Mar’s newest frames, the Double Haul.

What does it do?

Protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays thanks to Costa’s patented 580 lenses in either glass or polycarbonate (580P).

Why do I need it?

Costa’s 580 lenses block yellow light at 580 nanometers on the light spectrum, which is the sort of light that tires your eyes out. In short, you won’t be tired at the end of a long day on the water.

How do I use it?

Well, you stick ‘em on your face and be grateful that they’re saving your sight and making you look as good as possible. No offense intended.

What sets it apart?

The result is said to be an unparalleled level of polarization and razor sharp color enhancement, so you can see fish and other objects through the water more clearly. Costa’s 580 lens color options include gray, copper, amber, and blue, green and silver mirror. Double Haul is also available in Costa’s 580 Rx program. Double Haul features a large fitting frame with Hydrolite no-slip nose pads, sturdy integral hinges and durable co-injected molded temples.

How much?

$179 to $249 depending on lens customization

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