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Gear Review: Z-Man Goat ToadZ


Z-Man Goat ToadZ


Z-Man’s ElaZtech is already appreciated for making soft plastics last longer, while remaining super soft and pliable. What it also does now is add buoyancy to a topwater frog like no other option in the category. Cupped kicker feet impart gurgling, bubbling action at any retrieve speed. A bulkier body provides outstanding long distance castability, and dorsal ridges protect hook points from fouling while allowing for solid hook sets. Length: 4 inches. Available in eight colors. 


You can work this frog in a lifelike start-stop-start action across the surface without it sinking on the pause. Stop and twitch it and the bait stays afloat. You can fish it at any retrieve, and the action remains natural. Sculpted with a keel-shaped “V” belly, like the boat hull, yields stability and a quick planning action. The best part? You get five different baits in one. Rig it topwater style for a true floating frog, with the same action as a plopper-style topwater plug. Use it as a buzzbait trailer, that stays firmly in place with ElaZtech with some added buoyancy. You can also rig it on Z-Man’s ChinlokZ for even longer casts. Or, you can Texas rig it or use as a trailer on a Z-Man ChatterBait. 


$4.99 (three pack)



What impressed me the most about the new Goat ToadZ is the angler input that went into its design. Everyday anglers, like you and me, provided feedback, and Z-Man integrated those ideas into the final product. 

One of my job perks is getting to test out new baits, and I also got to shoot a video with Z-Man pro Joey Nania. This summer, I’ll always have a Goat ToadZ rigged and ready for action. 

The versatility makes it a go-to bait for pressured bass anywhere you’d use a topwater bait. The distance castability is impressive. Long casts are a must in shallow water situations where bass are easily spooked when cruising beneath heavy vegetation, and you can reach distant strike zones with this bait. The action is lifelike, and you can choose from eight different colors to match any water clarity or light level.