Gear Review: Strike King Gravel Dawg 8 Crankbaits

The Strike King Gravel Dawg 8 Crankbait is designed for success any time of the year.


Gear Review: Strike King Gravel Dawg 8 Crankbaits


A result of dedicated design work by renowned professional anglers Todd Castledine and Kevin VanDam, the Strike King Gravel Dawg 8 Crankbaits are the ultimate choice for crankbait anglers across the country. This medium-diving bait is built in a compact profile that delivers tantalizing wide-wobbling action that outperforms its peers, effortlessly navigating rocky terrain, wood, and grass. Engineered with a specialized bill shape, the Gravel Dawg 8 is expertly designed to deflect off cover, significantly reducing hang-ups and keeping you in the strike zone longer.


Optimal results with the Gravel Dawg 8 are achieved using a medium-speed retrieve, which allows the crankbait to reach its intended depth quickly and stay within the strike zone longer. It’s particularly effective for casting along submerged tree lines or over rocky points. Varying the retrieval speed can mimic a distressed prey, increasing your chances of triggering aggressive strikes.





Using the Strike King Gravel Dawg 8 Crankbait has completely transformed my approach to crankbait fishing. Their unique design really shines when fishing around complex structures like submerged logs, rocky ledges, and weed beds. What impresses me the most is how effortlessly this crankbait navigates through challenging areas where others get snagged, keeping my line in the water and on the move.

The medium diving depth is perfect for the lakes I frequent, hitting that sweet spot where bass often lurk. The action on these crankbaits? Nothing short of aggressive, which is exactly what you need to provoke strikes from wary bass. Plus, the premium paint jobs hold up incredibly well, even after repeated encounters with rocks and debris, maintaining their appeal without fading or chipping.

But it’s the strong black nickel hooks that seal the deal for me. They provide that confidence-boosting reliability needed for ensuring that when I hook a bass, it’s coming to the boat. Whether I’m out for a casual day of fishing or competing under pressure, the Gravel Dawg 8 has become a cornerstone in my tackle box. It’s not just another crankbait; it’s a game-changer for my fishing strategies.