Gear Review: Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe Lipless Crankbait


Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe Lipless Crankbait


Offered in three sizes (3/8, 5/8 and 3/4 ounce), the Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe offers the standard three size profiles but in heavier weights. This aids in casting distance as well as showing a different rate of fall to fish that have been pounded with lipless baits throughout the year. This bait has a slower fall than other lipless baits of the same size, the subtle shimmy is something fish haven’t seen from other lipless baits. The Rattl’n Vibe comes stock with super-sharp trebles that practically eliminate the need to swap them out upon purchase.


Lipless baits are designed to be fished with almost any retrieve. The Rattl’n Vibe is no different. While a straight retrieve will get bites, the Rattl’n Vibe excels with a yo-yo style retrieve. This is because the bait has a lifelike shimmy as it falls. This makes it very effective in cold-water situations when a slow retrieve is necessary. Offered in three sizes, the Rattl’n Vibe can be fished effectively in almost any depth range.





Fishing a lipless, specifically in grass, is probably my favorite early spring technique, and this bait has quickly become my go-to because of its versatility — and it just gets bit. Like any angler who enjoys fishing grass, I have quite the collection of traps; there are a few things that stand out to me with this bait compared to others. First off, this bait doesn’t foul my line when I am yo-yo’ing or ripping. This bait comes through grass extremely well, and when it does get hung, it seems to rip free easier than some other brands. It casts like a bullet, and you can easily tell when there is a piece of grass fouled on it and you need to give it an extra rip.

Yo-Zuri does it right when it comes to colors and paint jobs. These baits feature an internal paint job, so the colors don’t chip even after burning this bait across gravel bars or shell beds. The colors themselves are second to none. They put their own spin on them to show pressured fish something different.