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Gear Review: Xcite Baits Heckler


Xcite Baits Heckler


A big, three-hook style walking bait is a dynamite way to get big bites when the water is warm. Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Tyler Rivet, the Xcite Baits Heckler is a walking topwater that is going to flat out put fish in the boat this summer. The Heckler features a unique sound chamber that draws in the big ones. The head of the bait is home to a chamber that houses glass beads that give off a more subtle, faint sound. The back end of the bait features a ball bearing that produces a much deeper sound. The combination of both of those sounds calls fish up to the surface from extremely far distances.


Coming in at 5 inches long, and weighing 3/4 ounce, the Xcite Heckler allows anglers to make extremely long casts, which makes this topwater a great choice when fishing expansive flats or targeting tricky schooling fish. The Heckler is available in 14 eye-popping colors that cover a wide variety of forage types as well as a few extremely unique colors. Three Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks give anglers the peace of mind knowing that if you hook the fish of a lifetime, it’s likely not coming off.





Like a lot of anglers, I fell in love with topwater fishing at an early age, and I still love catching a bass on a topwater to this day more than any other bait. With that said, I was instantly impressed when I got my hands on an Xcite Heckler. At first glance, the thing that stood out the most was the attention to detail with the color schemes. The paint jobs are far from the standard paint jobs we see on most hard baits, and the 3D eyeballs are more or less the cherry on top for a realistic looking topwater bait.

Given the bait weighs nearly an ounce, it makes it extremely easy to make long casts. Thrown on 30- to 50-pound braided line, the Heckler shoots through the air like a bullet. This is a massive advantage when targeting schooling fish or isolated targets.

A large, three-hook style walking bait has been a staple in my arsenal for a long time, but I can confidently say that the Heckler will be one of my go-to topwaters moving forward.