Gear Review: Strike King Gravel Dawg


The Strike King Gravel Dawg, designed in collaboration with fishing legends Todd Castledine and Kevin VanDam, is a standout medium-diving crankbait in Strike King’s lineup. This innovative lure is engineered to conquer the challenges of various terrains, such as rock, wood and grass, with its compact profile and unique bill shape that promotes a wide wobble action while minimizing hang-ups.

Available in two models, the Gravel Dawg 8 and 10, which dive to depths of 5-8 feet and 7-10 feet respectively, it’s built to offer versatility across the midrange water column. This crankbait stands out for its ability to navigate through cover with ease, ensuring it runs true and entices bass under a variety of conditions. The Gravel Dawg’s development involved intensive testing and refinement by Castledine and VanDam, with the aim of creating the ideal, go-to crankbait for anglers targeting bass in different environments​​​​​​​​.


The collaboration behind the Gravel Dawg’s creation ensures it meets the high expectations of anglers. Its two models, the 8 and 10, maintain the same body profile but vary in bill size to achieve their respective diving depths, covering the essential 5- to 10-foot range preferred by many anglers. The Gravel Dawg is celebrated for its wide array of custom lure colors, including innovative craw and shad patterns, developed with input from one of the most talented custom lure painters in the world. This attention to detail in design and color selection ensures that the Gravel Dawg excels across various fishing scenarios year-round​​​​.


The Gravel Dawg is your medium-diving solution for targeting bass in structures and covers like rocky bottoms, brush or grassy areas. Its design guarantees a true run through all types of cover, making it a versatile choice for anglers. The diverse color patterns, including the newly introduced craw and shad variations, enable anglers to match the hatch effectively or opt for standout colors to entice bass in clear or murky waters​​​​.


Offered at a competitive price point of approximately $9.99, the Gravel Dawg provides quality and versatility for anglers looking for a reliable medium-diving crankbait​​​​.



The Strike King Gravel Dawg has revolutionized my approach to bass fishing, especially in the challenging shallows packed with gravel. Its precision casting and lifelike retrieval action — mimicking a fleeing baitfish — have consistently deceived the wariest of bass in various conditions. Beyond its irresistible action, the Gravel Dawg stands out for its versatility and durability, performing flawlessly across different waters and withstanding the rigors of countless casts. It’s not just a lure; it’s my go-to for turning a promising day on the water into a success.