Gear Review: Power-Pole MOVE ZR


Power-Pole MOVE ZR


A next-gen brushless motor built with an aerospace-grade titanium shaft, engineered with compound fail-safes for a virtually indestructible shaft (with a lifetime warranty). For next-gen performance, the motor is built with Power-Pole’s Power Unity System, meaning every component is custom engineered to optimize all levels of performance for 30% more thrust and efficiency, while maintaining silent operation with MOVE’s Stealth Steering Drive and Techflow propeller. Available in shaft lengths of 45-, 52- and 60-inch versions. Includes Power-Pole’s RealFeel Foot Pedal, wireless foot buttons, wireless info display, wireless hybrid remote, mountable charging cradle and one year of free ProNav Support. 


Using one remote, you get total boat control using Power-Pole’s C-Monster protocol with integration between MOVE, the Power-Pole shallow water anchors and the Power-Pole CHARGE electrical system that optimizes battery usage and control. Torque is significantly noticeable — and silent — when encountering heavy vegetation with the Power Unity System. It is engineered to turn the prop at a lower RPM for less turbulence in the water with a higher pitch prop — without having to increase speed to maneuver through the thick stuff. The included wireless display allows mounting options so you can monitor operating functions. You get advanced GPS navigation modes (Anchor, Vector, Compass Heading), fish finder integration and a built-in transducer option.


$4,999.99 (45-inch)
$5,199.99 (52-inch)
$5,399.99 (60-inch)



Power-Pole shallow water anchor inventor John Oliverio and his team spent a decade designing and testing (add relentless) to build a brushless trolling motor from the ground up. Ten years might seem like overkill for such a project, but their passion for exceeding existing products is no sacrifice on time. Literally every part of the trolling motor is designed to seamlessly work in tandem throughout the motor. The results are in a “next gen” brushless motor and stealth steering that produce more power while remaining silent in operation. Both features maximize fishing time so you can cover more water to maximize fishing time, while avoiding spooking wary fish in shallow water. Think about it this way. How many bass does your approaching trolling motor send swimming away before you even make a cast? Oliverio and his team can say with confidence they designed the first silent trolling motor.