Gear Review: Missile Baits Chunky D


Missile Baits Chunky D


The Missile Baits D-Bomb has long been one of the most popular flipping baits on the market, but now the Missile Baits Chunky D provides anglers with more versatility in a craw-style bait. Coming in at 3 1/2 inches, the Chunky D is an extremely versatile bait that features two hard-thumping legs and a durable, solid body that can hold a heavy flipping hook. The solid body also allows the bait to stay on the bait keeper of a jig much easier.


While the Chunky D is a great option to pair with a Texas rig, it can also serve as a great jig trailer. It can also be fished on the back of a Carolina rig or swing head. Having a soft plastic like the Chunky D that is versatile is an advantage for all anglers. Available in eight colors, the Chunky D is packaged in clamshell package so anglers don’t have to worry about the legs of the bait being misshaped. Six baits are included in each package.





Anytime Missile Baits brings something new to their lineup, I always pay attention because of their consistent ability to design and create baits that are unique and fit a niche no other baits on the market fit. With that said, the one thing that stands out about the Chunky D is its versatility. Fishing a jig and flipping is my favorite style of fishing, so the Chunky D certainly fits the bill there. At 3 1/2 inches long, it’s the perfect size to pair with a full-size flipping jig like the Missile Jigs Ike’s Flip Out Jig.

My first trip out with the Chunky D, I headed out to Lay Lake in central Alabama. I had three different techniques I wanted to test it out with – as a flipping jig trailer, swim jig trailer and on a Texas rig with a straight shank flipping hook. Initially I took off up the river and went to flipping a Super Bug colored Chunky D on the back of the jig. I was immediately impressed with the action the bait had with a favorable rate of fall as well. Once I switched to flipping the Chunky D on a Texas rig, the action remained impressive, and the body of the bait held up well with a large, straight shank flipping hook.

Once we made the move down lake, I paired up a Pearl White Chunky D with a 3/8-ounce swim jig and went to work on a stretch of shoreline grass. Demonstrating the “Christie twitch” or “Alabama shake” technique to swim the jig, the Chunky D provided a nice fluttering action. The solid, thick body of the bait also allowed the swim jig to stay up in the strike zone easier which is a huge advantage when swimming a jig high in the water column.

Ultimately, having a bait like the Chunky D allows you to pack less soft plastics because of its extreme versatility.