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Gear Review: KastKing iReel


KastKing iReel


Offering a glimpse into the future, KastKing’s Bluetooth-equipped iReel represents a new category in intelligent freshwater fishing reels. iReel introduces Intelligent Frequency Control (IFC) to evaluate casting variables such as spool speed, inertia, and line tension to optimize performance in real-time, mitigating backlash and ensuring smooth and accurate casts regardless of wind speed or lure weight. With iReel’s precise control over spool rotation speed, anglers can achieve higher line velocity during the cast. Elevated speed translates to longer and more accurate casts, providing a distinct advantage in reaching distant targets.

iReel has no perceivable friction due to the tight tolerance of the main gear machining and 11+1 double-sealed stainless-steel bearings. With its sleek and stylish electroplated matte finish, iReel features a low-profile, 41.5mm design for ultimate comfort and control in hand. 


Using Bluetooth to pair the iReel with a smartphone and the KastKing App, the initial setup begins with inputting the line type, test, and diameter. On the water, iReel employs highly accurate motion capture sensors in the spool assembly to provide anglers with precise casting metrics, including the number of casts made, average distance, farthest cast, retrieve speed, and more. By providing real-time access to this valuable information, anglers can enhance their understanding of the fishing environment, analyze their successes and failures, and make necessary adaptations based on the prevailing conditions.

KastKing’s proprietary Axis Eye line guide is yet another innovative mechanism designed to enhance castability by reducing friction as line exits the reel. The uniquely shaped and mobile Axis Eye line guide features a super slick silicon nitride coating that offers excellent heat dissipation allowing braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon lines to glide freely across the surface with minimal restriction. The smooth and efficient delivery provides longer and more consistently accurate casts. When the angler engages the handle, Axis Eye returns to its locked position where it evenly distributes line lay across the spool during the retrieve. 

As the KastKing intelligent fishing ecosystem continues to develop, anglers will soon be able to incorporate a host of exciting functions utilizing wearable tech ranging from Bluetooth watches to wireless earbuds and FishIQ Eyewear with directional audio and AR-enhanced elements that present data from the iReel to the angler in a hands-free format, allowing interaction in a way that is natural and intuitive without losing focus of the surroundings. 






Modern low-profile baitcasting reels exhibit an array of features and capabilities that didn’t exist even a decade ago. In another 10 years, it may be hard to recognize the newest class of casting reels—not from their looks but from the intuitive user experience they deliver. Offering a glimpse into the future, KastKing’s Bluetooth-equipped iReel represents a new category in intelligent freshwater fishing reels. 

The most innovative piece of fishing equipment anglers can wrap their hands around, iReel’s radical design initiatives incorporate modern materials and manufacturing technologies to achieve an unprecedented level of casting precision and control. Not one to stand idle, KastKing is poised to transform how the baitcaster interacts with its angler.