Gear Review: Dakota Lithium Powerbox 10


Dakota Lithium Powerbox 10


A water- and shock-resistant case with a 12v Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 10Ah battery that packs twice the power of traditional batteries, half the weight, that charges up to five time faster and lasts four times as long. Yep, that’s a lot to swallow in one sentence. The point is what makes this stand out is it’ll be your go-to power source when off the grid for certain applications. Dual USB charging ports, a 12V car plug, binder posts, two waterproof LED lights and a voltage reader provide multiple options for powering devices. Charger and battery included. 


The dual USB ports are perfect for charging phones, cameras or other personal electronics. With the binder posts, you can directly connect larger electronics like fishfinders. Both means of connecting to the battery open up many possibilities as a powerful, long-lasting source of backup power. 

  • 11-plus smartphone recharges
  • 22-plus GoPro Hero recharges
  • 3.7-plus tablet recharges
  • 2.7-plus laptop recharges (think working off the grid, on the farm, hunting lease or jobsite)
  • 50 hours for a Vexilar fishfinder
  • 100-plus hours for Bluetooth speakers





Initially I charged up the battery and put the box in my vehicle not really knowing how or when it would be called to action. The more I used it, the more uses I discovered. The multifeature box opens up a world of possibilities for the battery. 

The 10Ah size (weight, 4 pounds) is compact and ideal for tucking away in a truck storage compartment for quick power needs independent of the starting battery. And I discovered it’s perfect for camping, kayaking and even working off the grid with my MacBook Pro. 

I’m also an avid ham radio operator, and you can power a VHF/UHF mobile transceiver with up to 50 watts of transmitting power with this setup. The lithium power is longer lasting than any other battery I’ve used, while lightweight, compact and ideal for small spaces in a vehicle or boat. 

If you need more juice, the collection is available in the Powerbox 60 Waterproof Power Station, with a 12V 60Ah battery with over 1,000 cold cranking amps of engine/outboard starting power and other needs If you need more power there’s 135 Ah. And, a solar panel is available for recharging the batteries in the Powerbox collection. All of this is backed by a best-in-class 11-year warranty for the batteries.