Gear Review: Big Bite Baits Scentsation SoMolly


The Scentsation SoMolly by Big Bite Baits is a meticulously designed finesse worm, measuring 3.6 inches, crafted for the drop-shot technique but versatile enough to be rigged on a jighead. Its construction features a ribbed body with a flat side, culminating in a tail that exhibits a slight quiver on the fall, mimicking the natural movement of baitfish and small forage to entice bites from both largemouth and smallmouth bass.


What truly sets the SoMolly apart is its incorporation of Big Bite Baits’ proprietary Scentsation formula, a potent scent and flavor concoction developed to maximize fish attraction. This ultra-soft plastic lure is designed to engage the olfactory senses of bass, encouraging them to hold onto the bait longer, thereby increasing the angler’s chances of a successful hook set.


Ideal for drop shotting, the SoMolly’s design excels in mimicking the subtle movements of aquatic prey, making it a go-to choice for targeting finicky bass in clear to moderately stained waters. Its versatility allows it to be employed in various fishing scenarios, from chasing offshore smallmouth bass to enticing largemouth bass in weed beds or around structure.


Retailing at approximately $6.99 for a pack of 10, the SoMolly offers competitive pricing for a high-quality, scent-infused soft plastic lure that can make a significant difference in your fishing outcomes.



The Big Bite Baits Scentsation SoMolly isn’t just another finesse worm for me. Its mix of visual appeal, enticing movement and the potent Scentsation formula makes it a standout tool in my finesse fishing tactics. Whether I’m up against pressured fish or navigating tough conditions, the SoMolly’s distinctive design and scent profile give me a clear advantage, making it an essential part of my gear.

Its track record of success with various bass species and versatility across different conditions highlight the Scentsation SoMolly as a key lure, not just for tournament competitors like myself but also for recreational anglers. It has a knack for attracting bites when other lures don’t make the cut, securing its spot in my tacklebox as I aim to up my finesse fishing skills.